Europe’s food and drink industry is about offering safe and nutritious products for all to enjoy. But there is more to it. Explore our initiatives on nutrition, sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship because we are also about much More Than Food!
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Eat & Live Well
Helping you enjoy a healthy and balanced diet
Despite the variety and quality of food available today, people often find it difficult to eat a balanced diet. We all agree that what we eat plays an important part in our health, but so does our overall lifestyle. As an industry, we are working with food manufacturers, partners and stakeholders to tackle today’s health and nutrition related societal challenges, so you can continue to enjoy what you eat and drink, today and tomorrow.
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Fruit juices and nectars
Fruit juices are directly derived from fruit, and they are minimally processed. As such, their composition is very similar to the composition of the fruit itself, which does not allow ...
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Sugar reduction in soy and plant-based drinks
Fully aware of the need to contribute to the fight against obesity and associated diseases and to help consumers switch to healthy options, ENSA members are committed to provide consumers ...
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10 percent sugar reduction between 2015-2020
The European soft drinks industry announced in February 2017 that it is tripling the pace of its added sugars reduction to deliver a further 10% by 2020.  The sector already reduced ...
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Estonian food & drink companies investing in product formulation
The Estonian Food Industry Association reported on food reformulation examples from local companies. ...
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Small Scale, Big impact
Making food and drink SMEs’ voices heard
Ninety percent of Europe’s 289,000 food and drink companies are small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Essential to our economy, they employ local workforces and mostly source their raw materials from across Europe, often locally. We all know them and enjoy their products, whether they are guardians of culinary traditions or innovative start-ups. As a sector, we are working to ensure you hear their stories. After all, they may be small, but they have a big impact!
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Small Scale, Big Impact: SMEs in the food and drink industry project ...
At an event hosted on 24 November 2016 by the European Economic & Social Committee, FoodDrinkEurope ...
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Europe’s food and drink SMEs
There are 289,000 food and drink companies in Europe; 9 in 10 are SMEs. They are present in every region and stand for both tradition and innovation in our industry. These companies ...
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KATLENBURGER Winery : personal engagement
What I really hope for is consistent and stable regulation and legislation so that we can continue working as we do currently.
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Croc’In : ready-to-fill premium pastry shells and nougatine
The European Union is a big facilitator and opportunity in terms of free trade and business within the ...
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Circular economy
Mixing the ingredients for a Circular Economy
A Circular Economy for food and drink means preserving essential natural resources for as long as possible. It’s also about keeping ingredients fresher, turning waste into energy, sustaining value during the manufacturing of products and preventing food waste. This sustainable approach is in our DNA. Europe’s food and drink industry is making sure to enhance the Circular Economy in its daily work.
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Food and drink manufacturers are paying attention to resource efficiency and environmental performance while raising consumer awareness.
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Reference intakes
Helping you make better-informed choices
Clear and concise labelling provides the nutritional information that allows you to make informed choices about the foods you eat. Europe’s food and drink industry is working to give you a better understanding of how much energy and key nutrients a portion provides and how much of the recommended daily dietary intake this represents.
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Find out more about the European food and drink industry’s labelling scheme, how to use it and why it’s been chosen to appear on many of your favourite products.
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Food Waste
Ensuring that Every Crumb Counts
Food waste is a missed opportunity to feed the growing world population, a major waste of resources and a needless source of greenhouse gas emissions that impacts climate change. Wasting food means wasting resources and efforts put into improving the sustainability of food production.
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Food and drink manufacturers in Europe actively work to reduce food waste in their operations and along the food chain, for example through innovative supply chain partnerships.
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Partnering to reach SDG targets
The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals are a set of 169 targets and a core part of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Implementing this universal agreement relies on action by all countries mobilising governments, institutions and stakeholders at all levels.
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Food and drink manufacturers in Europe are working in partnership towards implementing the UN SDGs by promoting sustainable practices.
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